A Love Unsaid

This love-
the loudest thing I’ve ever heard
up from my heart until it
screams in my head
but no one else can hear
this quiet love unsaid.

Like smooth jazz
lilting from a music sheet
my outward behavior is out of harmony
with the jarring staccato beats
and boisterous horns
playing in my heart
like a tumultuous storm
that I can’t calm.

It builds and gains strength like a passionate crescendo
But the violence
done to it is that the sound is silenced.

Its a love so strong that its like the irrepressible sound of
Mingus on bass,
Coltrane on sax,
Miles on trumpet
taking the groove to outer space where it throws all the galaxies into chaos
before it is satisfied

and yet,

we restrain it
we mute it
beautiful music
never to be heard.

It is made to be respectfully silent
though to me,
it is irreverently loud.

He says
don’t speak it
so I just feel it

I don’t tell him
He doesn’t tell me
but I know
neither one of us can hear anything else
but this love
screaming silently.